Saliva Gene Testing:

To further evaluate your genetic risk factors, I strongly recommend going online and ordering a saliva gene profile from As this is a saliva test it can be ordered directly by any individual and without a doctors official request or signature.

Ignore the alert about no longer providing health related reports. We will be using other data that provides the needed gene mutation information.

When you get the results go to and from there, log you’re 23andme account as shown. Then print out the Methylation and the Detox gene reports. These reports are free but provide an opportunity to donate $10 for the service.
There is a much more comprehensive and personalized genetic report available from for $30. You must first download your “raw data file” from 23andme onto your computer. Log into Click your name in the upper right portion of the 23andme homepage. Choose “Browse Raw Data” from the drop down menu. Again at the upper right corner of the page and just under your name, click the DOWNLOAD tab. Follow the simple steps to download your 23andme “raw data file” of your genomic/genetic information. Save this file to your computer in a folder that you will remember or to your desktop. You must then convert this file to a compressed zip file. To do this on a PC, right-click the file and move to the “Send to” option. Click the “Compressed (zipped) folder” option to create the Zip file. On a mac, simply click on the file and then click “File” in the upper left next to Finder, and in the drop down menu click “Compress”.
NOTE: If you would prefer to have Dr. Youngberg process this report for you, simply come in to your appointment with your 23andme login email and password and we will walk you through the process and go over your results with you.

Now go to First register with using your email address and set up a login username and password.
Open the Sterling’s App tab at the upper left of the home page. In the drop down menu, click the Order/View Reports tab and then select “Choose File” tab. Now you are ready to upload your “raw data zip file” that you saved on your computer.

Read the Legal Medical Disclaimer and then click the “Order Report” tab to purchase the report. Print out the full PDF file for your records and save the PDF file on your computer. In preparing for your appointment to review your personalized genetic information you may want to email us the PDF report or bring in the hard copy. This is a 42 page report that shows the number of single and double copy gene mutations in each area of biochemical body function.

I strongly recommend each person to schedule a full hour consultation to review this 42 page report and therefore better understand how to personalize their overall nutritional strategies. This report covers areas associated with heart disease, phase 1 and 2 detoxification, methylation, homocysteine, Alzheimer’s, allergies, thyroid, mitochondrial dysfunction and much more. Remember gene mutations do not ultimately determine your risk if you know where they are and follow the right plan to “bypass your genetic risk”. It’s all about knowing how to turn on the good genes and turn off the bad genes.

For an introduction to this topic you may watch my YouTube video presentation on Gene Management and Nutrigenomics by clicking on this link or copying and pasting the url link into your browser:

Download Instructions:

Download-Raw Data File
Download Methylation and Detox Profiles

Lab Testing for Comprehensive Health Assessment

Standard and specialty labs are available for assessment of cardiovascular, metabolic, digestive, immune, and hormonal health.

Don’t pay the cash price for labs. If your insurance does not cover the tests you want done or if you don’t use insurance, the Youngberg Clinic provides it’s patients up to 80% discounts on all lab testing. Even better, this discount rate includes both the fee for the lab itself as well as our professional service fee!

With all patients who use our clinical  lab discount option, our professional package service fee includes our careful review and evaluation of your lab results and recommended strategies prior to your follow up consultation. We also provide you with documents and recommendations that are prepared ahead of time and then further personalized during the consultation. Please note that the consultation itself is a separate service.

For lab locations and draw stations in Southern California see West Pacific Medical Labs and LabCorp. For all other location in the USA use any LabCorp draw station by using the zip code lab locator. Use the “Find a Lab” tab on the LabCorp site.

We can help you with testing Amino Acid, Organic Acid, GI, Immune, Vitamin & Mineral, Toxins, and many other profiles. Check out the possibilities at: Genova Diagnostics and Metametrix Labs – Functional and Nutritional Medicine Testing

Key Lab Tests for a Wellness Tune-Up

How a Wellness Tune-up can Prevent and Reverse Disease

When I was 24 years old I read the studies done by Drs. Brown and Goldsteine. They had just won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work showing how harmful cholesterol particles can enter the artery walls and cause plaque. So I took the initiative and got tested. Since I was very fit and careful with my diet, I was shocked to learn that I had very high LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides. At first I was depressed but I quickly realized that I had been given a gift! A second-chance of-sorts. With this new awareness I could make the necessary changes now, well before any health problems developed.

Everyone wants to be healthy but few of us recognize the underlying causes of our suboptimal health. A proper tune up requires that we first do the right blood tests. But when is the last time we took the time to get a comprehensive wellness evaluation?

Blood tests are often the best and quickest way to assess our health and to help us stay motivated. Even the healthiest among us have “chinks in our armor” and can benefit from these objective lab tests. There are many tests available to those looking for a health tune up. Here are several of the tests that I usually recommend when initiating a wellness tune-up. Read more…