Diabetes Undone

Prevention, Management and Reversal

Join Dr. Wes Youngberg, and special guest Brenda Davis, world-renowned plant-based dietitian, as they guide you though a hope-filled journey to undo your disease and reclaim your health.

Learn how to address the root cause of disease by harnessing the power of simple lifestyle strategies such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, comprehensive testing and much more.

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12 Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health

Multi Generation Family Running Across Field Together

Give yourself the gift of health with this free 12-week wellness series. Specifically suited for

anyone who wants to improve their health by determining and then properly addressing the actual underlying causes of their health problems.This educational series comprehensively covers lab tests, lifestyle, nutritional, hormonal, digestive, detoxification, thyroid, immune, metabolic, glycemic, diet supplements and other natural strategies that address the underlying causes of disease.

Registering for the December 31st date will allow you to start watching the videos immediately. The December 31 date represents the last day to register, not the date when you can start watching them. Once you register you will receive an email with the links to the first session. Remember you only need to register once!

Each Friday afternoon a new 60-minute wellness presentation will be accessible via YouTube until the following Friday when the next link will be emailed to all who have registered. You may also go to and type in “Dr. Wes Youngberg 12 Weeks” in order to access the newest video each week. For those of you who want the entire series now, all twelve sessions are now available on DVD at

Youtube series

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