Individual Consultations | 50 min

Nearly all health problems can be significantly improved through the application of  lifestyle and nutritional medicine. Whether your goal is to support your body in healing  a chronic disease, or simply to optimize your current health, Dr. Youngberg can help. 

Individual appointments are available in person at our office, by phone, or video  conferencing using Zoom. Dr. Youngberg can help you get labs done near your home  and then review them with you at your next appointment. This allows anyone in North  America or internationally to benefit from consultations with Dr. Youngberg.

Because Dr. Youngberg’s schedule typically fills up 3 or more months in advance, new patients are encouraged to schedule three (3) separate 50 minute appointments initially. The first appointment will include a thorough medical history, initial treatment plan and  review of past laboratory tests. Additional labs will be ordered and then reviewed at the  second visit. A 3rd visit is recommended to review progress, and adjust the treatment  plan. Patients who have multiple health concerns often benefit from more frequent  consults. Dr. Youngberg will advise the patient on when follow ups should be  scheduled.

Dr. Youngberg is committed to helping you find the underlying causes of your health  concerns. To accomplish this, it is critical to take enough time to carefully listen to your  concerns and ask appropriate questions. This is why every patient is scheduled for one  hour. Even if the appointment starts late, your consultation will last a minimum of 50  minutes. 

A few minutes are required to print and email reports and transition between  patients. If additional time is required during your visit, the consultation fee will be  prorated according to 15 minute increments. If you request Dr. Youngberg to write up  individualized clinical protocols on your behalf, or to do some preparatory  work supporting your clinical goals, the time spent on your behalf will also be invoiced  to your account (in 15 minute increments and prorated to the current hourly  consultation rate).


For ZOOM consults, our office will send you a link by email the morning of your  appointment. At the time of your consult, you simply click the link and you will be  included into the video conference. The link can be shared with family members or care  givers who live elsewhere.

Currently, all new patients, regardless of their goals, may be interested in the “12 Weeks  to Wellness” DVD series. This series includes 18 hours of professionally filmed video  presentations by Dr. Youngberg and is designed to provide comprehensive direction in  the 12 foundational principles needed to optimize your health and healing potential.  Watching and applying the information on the DVDs also decreases the number of  individual consultations that would typically be needed to accomplish your goals. The  seminars are especially helpful for individuals who have known health concerns, have  been diagnosed with acute or chronic medical conditions, and those seeking a better  understanding of how to support the body’s ability to heal itself.

The sessions focus on natural, lifestyle and nutritional approaches to improve health  and decrease medical risk factors. The goal is to improve health to the point that your  prescribing physician will be able to decrease or discontinue specific medications that  are no longer needed.

All nutritional products available at the Youngberg Clinic are pharmaceutical and  clinical grade nutritionals. These are typically only available through nutritionally  oriented physicians and health practitioners. Clients may continue to use their preferred  nutritional brands and we are happy to help guide their choices for optimal  individualization of nutritional services. There is no obligation or requirement to  purchase any product or service when having consultations or participating in a clinical  seminar with Dr. Youngberg.

The Youngberg clinic is a fee-for-service provider. Individual consultations are paid at the time of  service. Consultations may be submitted by the patient to their insurance company for  reimbursement. Note that reimbursement for lifestyle and nutritional medicine services is dependent  on the policies and benefits associated with each insurance plan and is usually not covered. For questions  on reimbursement, please contact your insurance company directly. The Youngberg Clinic accepts most  debit and credit cards. Dr. Youngberg has set aside an hour (50mins) for your appointment. For this  reason, please provide 3 business days’ notice if changing your scheduled appointment. 

Dr. Youngberg’s goal is to help you address the actual cause or causes of your health  concerns. This requires a willingness to address the full spectrum of factors that  contribute to your health risk. 

The typical 15-20 minute doctor’s visit cannot address the underlying or root cause of  your problem. 

For this reason, Dr. Youngberg only takes 5 to 6 patients per day and spends an hour  (50 minutes) with each patient for both initial and follow-up consultations. The  consultation fee is $200 per session.

Cognitive & Memory Concerns 

When addressing more complexed health issues, a more comprehensive assessment and intervention protocol is typically required. Chronic medical conditions that have not responded effectively to past interventions will require a more thorough review as well as time listening to the patient’s experience. This often involves a greater number of monthly consultations in order to reach a point where the patient is able to independently maintain an improved state of health. 

When seeking to prevent progression of Alzheimer’s and to reverse aspects of functional cognitive decline, it is our experience that it takes an average of six consults to complete the full review of all baseline labs, properly interpret and incorporate a personalized genetic report, initiate the comprehensive intervention program and address appropriate follow-up testing for further optimization of the protocol.

The Bredesen Protocol is used when addressing complexed medical issues and especially for patients wanting to prevent or reverse cognitive decline. Patients are  encouraged to initially schedule three appointments – each roughly one month apart. If  the schedule does not allow this, we recommend scheduling three appointments into the  future and then request to be placed on the “standby/appointment cancellation list. Any  of these scheduled consultations can be canceled without penalty, if not needed for any  reason.  

We are happy to work closely with the primary care physician of your choice. 

When tests are reviewed, each patient is given copies of all the appropriate laboratory  tests that are covered in the clinical consults and seminar series. 

Patients under the care of primary care physicians or other specialists are encouraged to  bring in copies of all lab work done in the past few years as well as, notes or consultation  reports from medical specialists. If locating old labs and reports are not available we can 

still move forward and order labs according to a complete health history done during the  first consultation.  

All Bredesen Protocol patients interested in preventing or seeking to reverse cognitive  decline are encouraged to sign up for the Re-Ignite Re-Cognition:Restorying Optimal  Memory. This 15-part series of presentations will provide the guidance necessary to  properly apply the Bredesen Protocol.