Re-Ignite Re-Cognition: Restoring Optimal Memory

Genres: Instructional video series with Dr. Youngberg
Duration: 14 hours 35 minutes divided into 15 presentations
Availability: Worldwide

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Dr. Youngberg encourages all his current patients and their families, as well as those planning to become patients, to sign up for this educational video series for preventing cognitive decline and improving cognitive function and memory. The goal is to watch all 15 lectures one after the other over a few weeks time and then watch them again with family members so everyone can better understand the foundational strategies that directly impact current and future cognitive function.

If just starting as a patient with Dr. Youngberg or if you are waiting several months before your scheduled first appointment, you are encouraged to take advantage of this resource as it will give you knowledge and understanding of what you can do right now to improve your physical, mental and emotional heath. Watching these videos with your family, spouse and/or significant others will help guide your many health decisions and even make your office, zoom or phone visits with Dr. Youngberg much more efficient and informative.

Hope, encouragement & Detailed Guidance from this 15 part video series:

Lecture 1: Re-Igniting Re-Cognition – Introduction.

Lecture 2: DUI – Daily Under the Influence of Dementogens.

Lecture 3: What is Causing my Symptoms?

Lecture 4: Preparing my Personal Plan to Succeed.

Lecture 5: What is the Best Diet?

Lecture 6: Plant Based Diet Vs the Paleo Diet.

Lecture 7: Twelve Nutritional Strategies to Beat Dementia.

Lecture 8: More Nutritional Strategies to Beat Dementia.

Lecture 9: Daily Choices that Unwind Dementia.

Lecture 10: Mastering Stress to Master Dementia – Learning how to set limits.

Lecture 11: Slowing, Stopping & Reversal Aspects of Cognitive Decline – Therapeutic System (Part 1).

Lecture 12: Slowing, Stopping & Reversal Aspects of Cognitive Decline – Therapeutic System (Part2).

Lecture 13: What about Supplements?

Lecture 14: Supplements for Synaptic Support.

Lecture 15: Follow your Plan, not your Feelings.

Normally $495, but currently available at a special discounted price of $295. This comprehensive educational series includes all 15 lectures and discussions with Dr. Youngberg that are part of his “4-day Bredesen Protocol Intensive” designed as a clinical orientation and application of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s protocol for reversing cognitive decline. This program was filmed live at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa where Dr. Youngberg has conducted 4-day intensives.

Dr. Bredesen’s protocol is now documented to help reverse aspects of cognitive decline and memory loss in up to 88% of cases. Family members typically see improvements within six months! The overall goals are first to slow cognitive decline. The second goal is to stop progressive cognitive decline and finally, the third goal is to initiate comprehensive risk factor optimization in order to begin reversal of cognitive impairment as demonstrated by objective improvements in cognitive function over time.

Dr. Youngberg is certified by Dr. Bredesen and is currently the primary specialist for over 100 patients that are in various phases of implementing or maintaining the Bredesen Protocol. While this series was especially designed for Dr. Youngberg’s current patients, it can be easily incorporated by anyone wishing to learn how to implement comprehensive strategies for reversal of memory loss and for continued optimization of cognitive function. 

The key for success, is determining the multiple underlying causes of memory loss and establishing a comprehensive intervention protocol that is personalized according to lab and overall clinical findings.