Re-Ignite Re-Cognition: Restoring Optimal Memory

Genres: Instructional
Duration: 14 hours 35 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Normally $495, but now available at a special discounted price of $295. This comprehensive 15 lecture series includes all the lectures and discussions with Dr. Youngberg that are part of his “4-day Bredesen Protocol Intensive” designed as a clinical orientation and application of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s protocol for reversing cognitive decline. This program was filmed live at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa where Dr. Youngberg conducts 4-day intensives every 3 months. See for details on the program.

Dr. Bredesen’s protocol is now documented to reverse memory loss and early forms of dementia in 88% of cases. Typically, within six months! 

Dr. Youngberg is certified by Dr. Bredesen and is currently the primary specialist for over 70 patients that are in various phases of implementing the Bredesen Protocol. While this series was especially designed for Dr. Youngberg’s current patients, it can be easily incorporated by anyone wishing to learn how to implement the Bredesen Protocol for reversal of memory loss and for optimization of cognitive function. 

The key for success, is determining the multiple underlying causes of memory loss and establishing a comprehensive intervention protocol that is personalized according to lab and overall clinical findings.

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