Goodbye Diabetes. Goodbye Insomnia.

Case Studies from  the Youngberg Lifestyle Medicine Clinic – January 30, 2013

At 59 years old, Stan had diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Vitamin D deficiency, a high Cardiac CRP, and elevated serum homocysteine.

The Glucose and Insulin Tolerance Test had clearly determined that a primary cause of his diabetes was insulin resistance. Even though Stan’s cholesterol was not very high, the new NMR LipoProfile had indicated he had an excessive LDL cholesterol particle number suggesting a greater risk for heart disease.

We spent the initial two visits interpreting the tests and outlining a comprehensive lifestyle and nutritional medicine program that would optimize Stan’s ability to reverse his health risk.

“Can you help me consolidate and simplify my nutritional supplement program?” Stan asked during his third office visit. Over the years he had accumulated a total of 15 different supplements each in its own container. Concerned that he might be getting too much of some and too little of other nutrients, Stan asked, “Can we figure out a way to limit the number of supplements I take and still get the optimal nutrition I need?”

Stan’s was in luck. Recently, a new technology made it possible for wellness clinics to economically personalize a patient’s supplement program and consolidate all the supplements into just one bottle! Some patients prefer to have one bottle for the AM supplements and one for the PM supplements. Others prefer a bottle designed for each meal three main meals.

Since the volume of most supplements is primarily made up of fillers, excipients, and additives, this new technology was able to take the active nutritional ingredients from 5 to 10 different supplement capsules or tables and combine them into just one capsule!

Even after addressing Stan’s new lab findings, we were able to consolidate over 15 supplement bottles into just three bottles containing capsules that were completely free of additives, fillers, and excipients. Stan no longer feels overwhelmed when he gets the supplements out each morning, and neither does he worry about getting the right dose or if he is getting the highest clinical grade of nutrients and herbs.

Within four months of the comprehensive lab testing, Stan was able to lower his blood sugars and A1c so effectively that he no longer needs any medications. In fact his labs show he doesn’t have diabetes any more.

The high LDL particle number of over 1600 that was promoting artery plaque has now dropped into the optimal range of under 1000. His homocysteine has dropped from a high risk 14.1 to a healthy 8.2 and his Cardiac CRP as a measure of inflammation improved by 50%. These encouraging results motivate Stan to continue his daily exercise plan and his focus on a well-balanced nutrition program.