Overview of Services

Dr. Youngberg provides individual consultations as well as several ongoing clinical group seminar programs. These include: Diabetes Management Clinic, Three Month’s To Wellness, and Optimizing Brain Wellness seminar programs. Live streaming of these programs will be available. “Friend” our clinic on Facebook or keep in touch with this website for announcements regarding live-streaming dates.

Patients are encouraged to schedule three (3) separate appointments each lasting 60 minutes. The first appointment will include a thorough medical history and review of past laboratory tests. Additional labs will be ordered and then reviewed at the second visit one to two weeks later. A 3rd visit is recommended after 2 months to review progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan. Patients who have multiple health concerns often benefit from more frequent clinical office visits.

The clinical group seminar programs are especially helpful for individuals who have known health concerns, have been diagnosed with acute or chronic medical conditions, and those seeking a better understanding of how the body heals.

The group sessions focus on natural, lifestyle and nutritional approaches to improve health and decrease medical risk factors. The goal is to improve health to the point that your physician will be able to decrease or discontinue specific medications that are no longer needed.

We are happy to work closely with the primary care physician of your choice.

When tests are reviewed, each patient is given copies of all the appropriate laboratory tests that are covered in the clinical consults and seminar series.

Patients under the care of primary care physicians or other specialists are encouraged to bring in copies of all lab work done in the past few years as well as any labs, notes or consultation reports from medical specialists. If locating old labs and reports are not available we can still move forward and order labs according to a complete health history done during the first 60 minute consultation. All consultations can be done in office or by phone. International consultations may be done via Skype.

The Youngberg Clinic is a Fee For Service provider. Individual consultations are paid at the time of scheduling the appointment and may subsequently be submitted by the patient to their insurance company for reimbursement. Note that reimbursement for lifestyle and nutritional medicine services is dependent on the policies and benefits associated with each insurance plan. For questions on reimbursement, please contact your insurance company directly. The Youngberg Clinic accepts most debit and credit cards. Dr. Youngberg spends a full hour with each patient and only takes 4-6 patients per day. For this reason please provide 3 business days notice if changing your scheduled appointment. Missed appointments or rescheduling less than 24 hours from scheduled appointment time will result in a $50 rescheduling fee.

All nutritional products available at the Youngberg Clinic are pharmaceutical and clinical grade nutritionals. These are typically only available through nutritionally oriented physicians and health practitioners. The Youngberg Clinic generally makes all products available at less than the suggested retail price. Clients may continue to use their preferred nutritional brands and we are happy to help guide their choice for optimal individualization of nutritional services. There is no obligation or requirement to purchase any product or service when having consultations or participating in a clinical seminar with Dr. Youngberg.