Seminar Endorsements

Corporate Endorsements

Medical & Health Conferences, Hospitals, Universities, and Worksite Wellness Programs

Randy Bivens M.D. President, Life & Health Network  Dr. Wes Youngberg is one of the world’s leading authorities on reversing type 2 diabetes with natural methods and lifestyle medicine. His speaking style is both informative and motivating. Always on the cutting edge, you’ll be blown away learning how Alzheimer’s is actually type 3 diabetes of the brain. Pay attention, since diabetes can be undone, just think of how these same strategies can also prevent Alzheimer’s and even reverse memory loss.”

Todd Guthrie, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
“Dr. Youngberg’s presentations are evidence based yet easy to understand. One local family practice doctor was so impressed that he ordered 100 books so he could share them with his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Youngberg for public presentation in any community, as it is my professional opinion that his encouragement toward lifestyle improvement is simply and effectively communicated in a manner that maximizes the impact of the great information he has to share.” Read Full Endorsement

Zeno L. Charles-Marcel, MD; Vice President for Medical Affairs, Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital – Review of “Hello Healthy”. “What you hold in your hand is nothing short of a health education masterpiece. In it Wes Youngberg weaves a tapestry of anecdotes that provide a powerful and compelling case for health-behavior change and adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Wes provides a detailed rationale and very practical cutting-edge health advice that, if followed, will produce in the reader a reasonable approach to life transformation. His easy going writing style is “smooth” yet so filled with up-to-date health counsel that it cannot be classified as casual reading. Anyone can make improvements following his modern rendition of age-old principles that we use in our own Lifestyle Medicine practice at Wildwood. This is must reading for the sick and required reading for the well!

Church Endorsements

Patti Guthrie, MPH – Health Evangelism Coordinator
Mt. Shasta SDA Church

“Recently, our church sponsored a three-part community health seminar featuring Dr. Youngberg. Our local hospital paid for all advertising for the event. In addition, church physicians shared Dr. Youngberg’s Goodbye Diabetes book with dozens of their colleagues and invited their patients to attend; church members welcomed their friends. The series turned out to be one of the best-ever health events conducted at our church, as evidenced by the testimonies of those who came, the many books and DVD’s that were sold, and the dozens of talks that have been downloaded from our church website or shared in CD form. Church members personally expressed their appreciation for Dr. Youngberg’s balanced approach.” Read Full Endorsement

Michael Brownfield, MDiv, MPH – Associate Pastor
“Your message for the church Sabbath morning, “Turning Good Genes On and Bad Genes Off: Good News about Mastering Your Genetic Risk,” was enthusiastically received by our church family. Some said if they had known how good it was going to be, they would have worked harder the week before to invite friends to both lectures.Personally I, appreciated how you presented new research about managing one’s genetic risk factors in a spiritual/biblical setting. The message was very appropriate for worship, and you made the science information you shared easy to understand. I thought the life change stories you told were powerful. God has blessed you with a gift for story telling that is impactful and motivating.” Read Full Endorsement