Dr. Youngberg’s Podcast

Inflammation – The Silent Killer

Why it’s important to test Cardiac CRP. Dr. Youngberg discusses the Harvard Health Studies that outline the four most inflammatory and therefore disease causing food groups. This is a clip from “Turning off the Fat Gene” which is one of thee presentations on the “Controlling Cravings with Contentment DVD series.

Goodbye Diabetes interview with 3ABN’s Shelly Quinn, Dr.Wes Youngberg and book publisher – Dan Houghton

Goodbye Diabetes, Heart Disease & Cancer: preventing and reversing disease the natural way.

Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, Dr. Wes Youngberg, presents an overview of his new book, “Goodbye Diabetes” and why this information is important for everyone seeking to lower health risk. 40% of us 20+ already have PreDiabetes or Diabetes. This increases to 75% by age 75. Of those who already have diabetes, a full 1/3 do not even know it. Of those who have PreDiabetes an estimated 3/4 don’t know it!  High insulin production is discussed as one of the key drivers of heart disease and cancer. Here “the big picture” is emphasized, including a full discussion of the blood lab tests recommended and how to get started on the road to health and healing.

Vitamin D Update

Re-engineering Genetic Risk – Lab Testing

Introduction to how proper testing and then intervention can transform out health by actually re-engineering the way our genes are expressed. “It’s not who you know that influences your life, but rather, who you spend time with and actually talk to.” Our choices make us into who we are! This is 5 of 90 minute discussion in session #6 of  Dr. Youngberg’s 3 Months to Wellness program.

Diabetes Wellness

Dr. Youngberg discusses the 5 stages of high blood sugar and how prediabetes is a major risk factor for heart disease in addition to increasing the risk for developing full blown diabetes. This clip comes from “Turning off the Fat Gene” which is one of three presentations on the “Controlling Cravings with Contentment” DVD series filled in 2010.

Introduction to Optimizing Brain Wellness Program

Fatigue, greater pain, headache, anxiety, depression, memory problems and Alzheimer’s risk are all related to the health of our brain.

There are wellness programs for our muscles, our heart, our weight, etc…
But what about a wellness program for the most important part of our body? Yes, our brain is the most important and should be treated as such!

This is an early segment from the twelve week (90 minutes each week) seminar done by Dr. Wes Youngberg at his Lifestyle Medicine Clinic in Temecula, California.

Blocking Brain Toxins Naturally

Dr. Youngberg discusses the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s and how specific foods are chemoprotective thus greatly decreasing risk of dementia over time. This is a short clip from the DVD series, “Controlling Cravings with Contentment”.

Reversing the Aging Process – Natural Anti-Aging

As part of his 12 week series “Three Months to Wellness”, Dr. Youngberg provides insights into nutritional strategies that literally help re-engineer genetic health risk. This clip is from “Speed Healing & Slow Aging” which is one of three presentations in the “Controlling Cravings with Contentment” DVD series.


This video shows portions of Dr. Youngberg’s introduction of “Forgiveness – A Time for Healing”. Here he begins his discussion of how our thoughts and especially the intentional process of forgiveness can literally transform the very function of of DNA and promote the expression of our genes programed from the beginning of life to activate healing. Six Keys to Wellness is a DVD series that helps us unlock the genes of health and healing. Learning how to ask for forgiveness, but also how to accept forgiveness involve one of the most important secrets to optimal health.