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FREE 18 pages from Goodbye Diabetes​

18 pages from Dr. Youngberg’s Goodbye Diabetes book providing guidance on evidence based approaches for adding nutritional supplementation to overall diabetes management and reversal strategies

FREE 36 key pages from Dr. Youngberg’s newest book Memory Makeover: How to prevent Alzheimer’s and reverse cognitive decline.

These chapters educate the reader as to why Alzheimer’s is often called type 3 diabetes, diabetes of the brain, and insulin resistance of the brain. In fact, these pages help us understand why diabetes and even pre diabetes is the most common contributor to the progression of dementia. More importantly these chapters outline how the reversal of diabetes is the first and most important step in preventing, slowing and even reversing cognitive decline.

FREE Ten Stages of High Blood Sugar

Ten Stages of High Blood Sugar and why checking blood sugars after meals is critical for success.