A unique clinical grade formula designed specifically for those desiring more comprehensive immune support

The Young Immune comprehensive formula includes what Dr. Youngberg considers the top twelve vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant based phytonutrients available for optimal immune support. Each of the twelve ingredients is at the full recommended dose and includes amounts typically requiring taking 14 capsules daily. Because this product is compounded specifically for this purpose, it does not have any of the typical additives, binders or excipients thus greatly reducing the overall volume of the product and cutting down the number of capsules from fourteen to only four daily if the full dose is used. Individuals may choose to take as little as one capsule daily. For those wishing to get more comprehensive immune support they may take as much as four capsules daily. These may be taken all at breakfast or may be taken in divided doses with breakfast and lunch (or dinner). Most prefer taking these nutrients with meals. NOTE: the Green Tea Leaf Extract is caffeine free and the melatonin as formulated can be taken at any time of the day.

To our knowledge, no other formulas include this number of ingredients, each at full dose and have this full combination of ingredients. Each ingredient has its own story and research backing.

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For more information on various immune supportive nutrients see Dr. Youngberg’s immune protocol found here.