Foods that Reverse Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Heart Disease & Memory Loss

Soon to be seen on HOPE Channel and Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, this is the first of four, made for network television, 30 minute episodes demonstrating the power of nutrition to reverse diabetes and prediabetes. Dr. Wes Youngberg is joined by Brenda Davis who is in his opinion, the most trusted expert and balanced authority in the field of dietetics and nutritional medicine. In these videos they share their expertise on the foods which most effectively optimize the bodies healing potential. The Diabetes Undone program is not just for reversing diabetes but primarily for naturally reversing the insulin resistance which is the primary underlying cause of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, weight gain, and the growth of cancers.

Diabetes Undone – A Wellness Program for Everyone

This presentation demonstrates the value of participating in the Diabetes Undone Program. You don’t have to have diabetes or pre diabetes to benefit. This program is effective for anyone seeking to improve their health. If a program is effective in helping reverse the inflammation, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, circulation and immune problems associated with diabetes, just think what it can do for everyone else. The bottom line is that reversing the underlying causes of diabetes also reverses the main underlying causes of all chronic diseases.

Click on the title slide below to see all 71 PDF slides of Dr. Youngberg’s presentation on January 7th, 2017. All 71 slides are included with all the references and “to do lists” so we can optimize our health in 2017.


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Join us on Monday’s and Thursday’s in January, April, July and October for this life and health altering program.


If you live far from us go to and join a group based Diabetes Undone program near you.

You can purchase your personal Diabetes Undone Kit that includes on-line access to all 40 of Dr. Youngberg’s Diabetes Undone videos, a 100 page Diabetes Undone workbook that guides you through the program and coaches you on how to set goals, and the Plant to Plate Cookbook with over 70 pages of “how to make this work” support guidelines.

Jackie’s father had lived with, and died from, terrible complications of diabetes. So when she recently discovered that she had PreDiabetes she became very concerned about her future. Watch Jackie Rosetti’s two minute story about participating in the Diabetes Undone program last October and how it transformed her health.

Jackie’s Story

Preventing Alzheimer’s & Reversing Memory Loss

If you want to better understand the new HOPE that is available to those at risk of dementia or in those experiencing Alzheimer’s symptoms, watch the first 15 minutes of this video with Dr. Youngberg.

Dr. Youngberg spent 3 days with Dr. Dale Bredesen at the Buck Institue for Aging in San Francisco and is certified in the “Bredesen Protocol” for the prevention and potential reversal of memory concerns including reversing MCI and early Alzheimer’s Disease. In this video Maria Shriver interviews Dr. Bredesen regarding his research that shows patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment or Early Alzheimer’s being able to reverse their cognitive decline in  88% of cases and typically within 6 months. After this interview MPI Cognition received over 400 calls in one day requesting information on clinics located near their city that are certified in providing this type of intensive lifestyle medicine approach. Dr. Youngberg is now the first clinician in the San Diego and Inland Empire area of Southern California that is certified in the Bredesen Protocol and working directly with Dr. Dale Bredesen to provide a comprehensive, network based approach to improving memory and overall cognition. The Youngberg Clinic also works with patients or family members by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Click here to see the Facebook video of Maria Shriver with Dr.Bredesen.

Click below to see videos regarding prevention and natural management of Alzheimer’s disease on Dr. Youngberg’s YouTube channel.

The Diabetes Perspective Summit

Join Dr. Wes Youngberg and 9 other top experts to learn practical techniques to reverse diabetes.

Join Dr. Wes Youngberg and 9 other top experts to learn practical techniques to reverse diabetes.

Help Yourself & Loved Ones

The Diabetes Perspective Summit is a FREE online conference designed to fit your schedule. Two speakers will be interviewed each day to help answer your questions and get you on the path towards better health. Each interview is approximately 40 minutes long and available for re-play 24 hours a day.

If you or someone you care about has Type 2 diabetes, your doctor or health professional has probably told you its irreversible. However, exciting new clinical developments and patient case studies now clearly indicate that it can not only be slowed, but actually actively reversed.

Im passionate about sharing these developments as widely as possible, so I’ll be speaking at the Diabetes Perspective Summit. I’m privileged  to ” share the online stage” there with  9 other top expert speakers in the field, including: Dr. Michael Greger, Brenda Davis, RD, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Caroline Trapp, Ocean Robbins, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

Find out more about the Free Diabetes Perspectives Summit.

Signing up for the Diabetes Perspectives summit will allow you to learn firsthand from these experienced, cutting-edge researchers, clinicians, practitioners and dietitians. You’ll  hear about their work with diabetes patients, and discover the results they’ve personally observed.

You’ll learn about how food addictions and corporate politics contribute to diabetes; and how diet and lifestyle strategies can help you stop it in its tracks. Best of all, you’ll find out what’s truly possible when people are empowered to take control of their health.

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If you have Type 2 Diabetes, or even pre-diabetes, the knowledge you’ll discover in this summit may help you to avoid the serious complications of the disease. Imagine life without the constant fear of developing the heart disease, stroke, or loss of limbs or sight that’s associated with late stage diabetes…

You-or possibly someone you know- could significantly benefit form the information and tools that I and my fellow experts will share in the summit. Take the first step toward improving the quality of the rest of your life NOW.

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