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Unlocking the Code for Brain Healing: Natural strategies for preventing Alzheimer’s and Reversing Memory Loss.

 Free seminar/workshop. May be viewed live on-line or on-site.
Join Dr. Wes Youngberg, Sunday, May 22, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.
Did you know that Alzheimer’s is also known as Type 3 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance of the brain? While current medications have failed to effectively treat or even manage Alzheimer’s, new research shows how combined natural strategies can powerfully reverse memory loss and cognitive decline. Learn what those strategies are and how to apply them to you personally! Learn how genetic testing can give you hope, especially if you carry any of the genes associated with late onset Alzheimer’s. What role does food have in the
prevention and even effective management of Alzheimer’s and other memory
related conditions? Come hear about the latest research on foods that literally
help turn off the Alzheimer’s genes. Learn about four specific therapeutic fats Screenshot 2016-05-11 21.40.47that promote healing of the brain. Find out what spices and fruits are especially helpful and how to tell if your getting adequate intake of vitamin B12 and folate. Is eating multiple small meals better for Alzheimer’s and memory or is fewer meals better? At least 25 natural strategies to optimize brain health will be discussed. Don’t miss out! Program will also be live-streamed free on YouTube.Hosted by the Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1200 Old Highway 395, Fallbrook CA 92028. 

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Twelve Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health Seminar

Join Dr. Youngberg online for this free, 12-week metabolic tune up as he covers new topics and lab tests each session. If you have fatigue, headaches, heart disease, diabetes or pre-diabetes, adrenal problems, cancer risk, anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, hypertension, memory concerns, dementia, or you just want to optimize your health now, this program is for you! If you want all 12 sessions right now it’s available here. To watch one session each week for the next 12 weeks simply click on the Register Now button.

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