Goodbye Diabetes

Over 40% of everyone, 20 years or older, and 72% of us over 65 years old, already have prediabetes or diabetes! Most are completely unaware of this problem or its implication to their risk of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and many other diseases. But even more of us have underlying metabolic imbalance that represents our biggest health threat. This book is for anyone trying to improve their health or prevent future disease. Diabetes and PreDiabetes just represent the tip of the ice berg! We all have health risk. Each of its 23 chapters and 332 pages are written in a way that clearly help us understand and functionally address these risk factors. “Goodbye Diabetes” fully explains the lab tests, now available, that are predictive, preventive, and practical. Most importantly, this book shares the key strategies that place us on the path of health and healing.

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“A comprehensive, credible and remarkably empowering book. I highly recommend it!”
David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP
Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center

“Love, love, love this book! It’s a great resource for diabetics or prediabetics, those at risk, family members and friends, and health professionals. Goodbye Diabetes is entertaining, educational, and life-changing. I read it in two sittings.”
Evelyn Kissinger, MS, RD
Director, Lifestyle Matters at Work, Lansing, Michigan​

“Goodbye Diabetes should be required reading for all physicians, dietitians, and others caring for people with both types of diabetes.”
John McDougall, MD
Internist & Author, Founder, McDougall Program

“If you are at risk for, or already have diabetes or prediabetes, Goodbye Diabetes could be the most important book you ever read.”
Brenda Davis, RD
Author, Defeating Diabetes, British Columbia, Canada

“Wes Youngberg presents a simple yet profound prevention and treatment option for the diabetes epidemic.”
Richard Hart, MD, DrPH
President, Loma Linda University

“Over the years, I have looked for a book that is comprehensive and scientific, but also readable. It has finally arrived! ”
Eric Ngo, MD, MPH
Founder, Preventive Medicine, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

“I devoured his diabetes book. Then read again for understanding. Then again for enjoyment. Extremely informative. Extremely empowering. Extremely readable.” Carl Grey